Limbe police officer rape a suspect and promises to give her money afterwards.


Occurred on 23/11/2019 at about 01:00 hrs at Limbe Police Station.

Ms. Alice Banda, aged 22, Vge. Makhetha, T/A Machinjiri, D. Blantyre reports in the above case against No. 4264 Sgt. Rajab Malimba, c/o Limbe Police Station.

Brief facts are that during the night of 22-23/11/2019. Limbe CID personnel were on patrols and at around 01:00 hrs they brought suspets at the custody.

The custody officer who was on duty was No. B4264 Sgt. Rajab Malimba.

The suspects were handed over to him.

It is alleged that upon reaching the custody office, the officer on duty wrote the names of other suspects and thereafter locked them in cells remaining with her.

When he finished he came back at the counter and started touching her breasts, he promised to give her money after having sex with her.

He ordered her to remove her clothes and he immediately had canal knowledge with her, then she was released from the cell, waiting for money but unfortunately he knocked off without paying her.

The matter was reported to the authorities for directives in regard to the matter.

DNA samples have been taken from both the complainant and suspect for analysis.

Investigations still under way. LB/CR/93/11/2019.

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