2019 PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES EVALUATION RESULTS, Lazarus Chakwera rates high-80%

Reverend Kaliya of Independent

_He was very vibrant and entertaining. His debating skills improved a bit as compared to the last session of debates. However, he failed to answer most of the moderator’s questions. His answers were always irrelevant and off topic. At one point the moderator had to repeat the question for him to answer directly. He ran away from using English even if he was asked in English. He preferred Chichewa_

*Mr. Peter Kuwani of MMD*

_His articulation was most of the times in poetic form. He has a good grasp of the vernacular language. He hardly answered in English. Some of his answers were not practical. At one point, when Prof. Chisi cross-examined him, he complained to the moderator that he had the right to answer the questions the way he wanted._

*Mr. Atupele Muluzi of UDF*

_He was very eloquent both in Chichewa and English. In the beginning, he used to give general answers to each question. It was only at the end when he started to articulate his answers in tandem with specific questions. Most of his solutions had a practical connotation_

*Prof.John Chisi of Umodzi Party*

_He provided good answers to almost all questions. However, some of his answers were just theoretical. In addition, he focused more on the rebuttal than dishing out his own points from the manifesto. He seemed to have lost the focus by being too much talkative and argumentative._

*Dr. Saulos Chilima of UTM*

_He was calm and focused unlike the previous debates when he was easily agitated. He managed to answer almost all questions with confidence and accuracy. He was also very eloquent both in Chichewa and English_

*Dr. Lazarus Chakwera of MCP*

_As usual, he remained calm during the whole debate. He also looked very prepared and confident. In fact, he managed to answer almost all questions with good and accurate points. When cross-examined as a follow up, he was able to articulate issues displaying the understanding of the subject matter. He showed that he knows the real problems in the deep rural areas of Malawi. He was also very eloquent both in Chichewa and English_

*Overall impression*

_*1. Dr. Lazarus Chakwera of MCP -80%*_

_*2. Dr. Saulos Chilima of UTM -76%*_

_*3. Prof. John Chisi of Umodzi Party -66%*_

_*4. Mr. Atupele Muluzi of UDF -58%*_

_*5. Mr. Peter Kuwani of MMD 50%*_

_*6.Reverend Kaliya of Independent 40%*_

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