Muluzi appeals corruption case ruling

Former president Bakili Muluzi has appealed against a high court decision ordering him to explain in the trial court how he amassed his wealth while he was a leader of this country.

Lawyer for the former president Tamando Tchokhotho says the appeal was made at the High Court in Blantyre on Thursday.


He said they will be ready with their argument before the court within eighteen days.


Muluzi is against a High Court ruling made on Wednesday that ordered that the former President should explain in court how he amassed his wealth when he was leading this country.


This followed Muluzi’s argument that being asked to do so was an infringement on several of his constitutional rights to remain silent.


But a panel of three judges, Justice Dingiswayo Madise, Justice Dorothy Nyakaunda Kamanga and Judge Jack Nriva sitting in for Judge Sylvester Kalembera disagreed with him, saying it was proper that public officers give reasonable explanation on how they acquire wealth.


The ruling essentially orders that the former president must still be tried in a case in which he is being accused of pocketing millions of public funds when he was in office.


The case has been in the courts for 12 years now.

Yamikani Chezani

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