04 Days To Election: Malawi President admits challenges developing Nsanje inland Port, promises in next two years.

President Peter Mutharika has said Nsanje Inland Port will become functional in the next two years.

President Mutharika said this on Thursday in Nsanje during the ground-breaking ceremony of Nsanje–Marka Road.

President Mutharika said that he will fulfill his late brother, former President Bingu Wa Mutharika’s vision by making sure that the inland port is completed.

“Every community deserves better developments such as good roads.

Let me also say that regardless of how long it will take, Nsanje inland port will be realized.

There were some technical challenges but I promise that in the next two years, the dream will be realized.

It was a vision of my brother and it will remain my vision too,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika said the DPP government has started developing the Lower Shire by constructing roads like the Bangula-Nsanje and Nsanje-Marka Roads among others.

“No previous government can claim that they constructed the tarmac road in the lower shire
apart from the DPP government.

Today, we have launched the construction of the remaining part of M1 Road, which is Nsanje–Marka Road,” he said.

Mutharika promised to construct secondary schools and community technical colleges in the district.

“Apart from constructing five secondary schools, one in each constituency, I will also construct health facilities, state of the art stadium, technical college in each constituency and will also drill new boreholes. So, for those developments to happen, you need to vote wisely come May 21,”

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